Instart Logic now part of Google’s CDN Interconnect Program

Instart Logic has partnered with Google to provide faster cloud application performance, better user experience, and tighter security to customers on the Google Cloud Platform.

Joining the Google CDN Interconnect Program is another step towards Instart Logic's mission to help leading global brands deliver a faster, safer, and more profitable digital experience. Adding interconnection with the Google Cloud Platform expands choices for moving your data and content across the web in an efficient, secure and affordable manner.

How the Integration Works

Google Cloud Platform and Instart Logic

Instart Logic has established direct peering links with Google’s edge platform. Customers hosting their origin servers on the Google Cloud Platform can now send traffic directly through the internet exchange instead of routing through the public internet.

Benefit for Customers

Customers of Google Cloud and Instart Logic will benefit from faster application performance, greater security, and savings from lower egress costs.

Faster Origin Performance

For customers hosting their origin on Google Cloud Platform and using Instart Logic for cloud application performance and security, the integration is seamless and immediate. Customers will be able to route their traffic directly from Google cloud platform through a direct interconnect link without having to go through the public internet.

Greater Security

Instart Logic can provide origin protection and cloaking for Google Cloud Platform customers. Instart Logic will have visibility into traffic and threats coming from all corners of the world. Using this knowledge, Instart Logic can protect the customer from malicious traffic and bots by deploying the web application firewall (WAF) and intelligent Bot Defense right at the edge. This will also help to prevent DDoS attacks from reaching customers' origin servers.

Cost Savings

Customers hosting their origin on the Google Cloud will benefit from discounted Google Cloud Platform egress pricing. Google has discounted egress rates for customers transferring data from Google Compute Engine or Google Cloud Storage into the Instart Logic platform. These rates available on the Google Cloud Platform website.

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