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A New, Better Approach for Delivery of High-Performance Web Experiences. A Modern Alternative to CDNs.

What are the Benefits?

Deliver radically faster web performance

By dramatically reducing the time it takes to experience web sites and applications, thereby increasing user engagement, search rank, productivity and revenue.

Enable ultra-high quality web experiences

By allowing web publishers to deliver much richer and immersive web experiences without slowing performance.

Provide amazing mobile web experiences

With a solution designed by thinking Mobile First to address challenges introduced by users accessing the web on mobile devices via wireless networks.

Standard Web Browser

Web application streaming technology works with all standard web browsers.

HTML5 Technology

Takes advantage of the latest HTML5 technologies to allow streaming web sites and applications.

HTML5 NanoVisor™

Running on the client side and transparent to end users, this ultra-thin virtualization layer allows the web browser to receive a web application as a stream and run it even when only a portion of all fragments has been downloaded. The NanoVisor is written entirely in JavaScript and is automatically added to web applications.

Web Sites and Apps

The service allows streaming any type of website, web application, or Flash application.

Personalized AppSequencer

Automatically fragments web applications and their component parts – like images, dynamic HTML, Flash. It also analyzes web application load and execution profiles to determine the optimal streaming sequence.

Distributed Cloud Service

Fragments and other components are stored in our globally-distributed cloud service to increase scale, offload backend servers, and remove all single points of failure, and minimize network latency.

Hassle-Free Integration

Sending all or portions of end-user traffic through the service takes just a few simple DNS updates. There is no hardware to deploy, no software to install, no code changes to make, and it’s totally transparent to end-users.

Client Side

Transparent client component allows any browser to receive a web app as a stream.

Deep Application Understanding

Cloud service analyzes how web apps load and sequences them for streaming.

Works with any Web Infrastructure

Backend-agnostic to work with cloud or datacenter hosted web infrastructure.

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Instart Logic reduced our time from click to first interaction by 2X and pushed rich images into our users’ browsers much faster. This enables us to provide high-end magazine-like graphical experiences for our users and significantly boost our transactions.

Keiron McCammon, CEO, Bonfaire