The Next Generation Akamai Alternative

Dramatically improve your web and mobile application performance with the world's fastest CDN and Digital Experience Cloud

20-40% faster websites and mobile applications, will delight your customers and increase conversions and revenue

Automatic Optimizations, no need for manual optimization techniques or Professional Services engagements

Rest easy, with dedicated, proactive support resources available 24/7/365

Get ahead of the curve, your business and content delivery needs are rapidly evolving you need a CDN that is built for today's internet

  • Instart is the next-generation CDN, by combining artificial intelligence with a presence in both the client and cloud, Instart offers unrivaled web and mobile application performance and security.

Why Instart?

Our compute-intensive, artificially intelligent proxy network consistently delivers that fastest site performance - up to 40% faster than Akamai

Lowest TCO
Our smart features intelligently reduce page weight and prevent extra trips to origin, without the need for manual intervention or Professional Services

Devops focused
Our CDN is built on modern APIs, giving you complete control of your service


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