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With Instart Logic's software-defined approach to application delivery, our customers experience significant performance improvements, especially for end users on mobile devices or wireless connections.

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Independent Benchmarks Show 28 of the Top 30 Retailers are Faster on Mobile with Instart Logic*

The Enterprise Strategy Group, in a detailed review and performance benchmark of the Instart Logic service, found that Instart Logic is always faster than Akamai in all synthetic benchmarks on mobile devices. Click here to view / download the report.

*Top 30 from the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index. Those 28 currently run on Akamai. The other 2 are already Instart Logic customers.

Instart Logic makes application delivery fast, secure, and easy.

Our end-to-end platform combines machine learning for performance and security, with a CDN for delivery. Designed for DevOps and mobile-first applications.